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- The organisers aren't responsible for the objects that had brought by visitors. Furthermore, if you bring your hamster and it gets stood on, or falls into someone's sandwich and gets eaten by accident, then cope with it! :)
- Smoking is allowed in the designated zones or outdoor.
- You'll not enter Woodstock, so we're asking you to leave your bunch of heroin/mescaline/dmt/lsd/weed/ex/speed at home. In case you're on lsd: YOU CAN'T FLY!
- Visitors are responsible for any damage to anything that belongs to the partyplace, and will be subject to paying a fine on the spot. Even if you're Richie Rich, don't burn up the snack-bar because "it's funny"
- Do anything that's not advantageous for other beings. It's an ancient celtic Wicca direction somehow..
- Do anything as long as it's not conflicting the actual law. grazing the border ain't that healthy anyway.
- Fire extinguisher is NOT a special fx machine sponsored by ILM!!