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- Party LAN with some internet access. The organizers won't do a meanie packet filtering. If you want to game around, just do, but we cannot stress enough: it's a DEMOparty, not a LANparty! Attenders who come just to play with games, please, don't be surprised if you meet only piercing looks. The switches that are needed for the network will be supported by the company of Stx. Thanks to him for that. If you come with a machine, Don't forget to bring your UTP cable, because it's not sure we can support the needed quantity of them. If you come along with your friends, we advise you to bring a HUB.
- Chance on parking with a car in the backyard for 300HUF/night, but you can also park on the wide place before the College anyway...
- mr. projector will raise your serotonine-output
- lotof-Watt stereo sound pressure
- sleeping/chillout zone with handsome ambience
- non-stop noise-cloud:)
- Caritative presentations and performances are allowed.
If you want to take a part, please let us know as soon as possible!
You can talk about anything that is related to computers in some way. We'll support machines, sound and screening.
- Snack-bar
- Phone nuber of the nearest Pizzeria: under reconnaissance

unfeature: We won't put a condom vending machine and organizers
aren't parts of the contraceptive pill section of the black market.