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- compomachines:
- Intel P4 1.7GHz - 512rdram - GF3 Ti200 Deluxe - WinXP
- Amiga 1200 ... support: Charlie of Inquisition
- C64 ...

- We are awaiting demanding, artistic productions.

- You can also compete if you're physically away from the
event, i mean we're accepting releases that are sent. Of course
the rules are valid. In case of this tele-participation,
it's sufficiently recommended a contact to be shown, to send an
occasional prize.

- !ALL! the contribs HAVE to contain a plain text file called
"FILE_ID.DIZ" containig:
- Name of the party (Towel 2003 as appropriate)
- Nickname of the artist
- Contact (email adress is fair enough)
- What kind of release (which compo)
- Title of the contrib
- If you're a foreigner: Your home country.

- On the projector there will be shown:
- The compo that's being held
- The ordinal number of the contrib
- The nickname of the artist
- The name/title of the production
- Some other pixes as a gift:)

- Contribs that are longer than 15 minutes (900 seconds to be exact) will be disqualified either from the Goofy compo. Maybe they would ge some publicity between the flat times between the compos.
Or neither there:)

- Counting with the fact there are sceneparties held rarely, organizers are allowed to compete any of the compos. We'll play fair and remember: it's about the 3 days ful of fun. In case we get too many protest, we'll think about it once again.

- You can storm around but don't disturb anyone and don't break the objects around you. Dancing is not forbidden.